Top Tips for Running a Considerate Construction Site

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These days, main contractors are appointed by developers on many different factors including how much of a reputation they have built up for being considerate of the environment and of neighbours during a building project. Consideration works in many ways including the sort of equipment you use and the quality of subcontractors you appoint. Any foreman or project manager in the construction industry today ought to consider the merits of each of the following tips which are designed to make a site run smoothly and considerately.

Toilet Hire

With no toilet facilities on site, construction works will inevitably relieve themselves in inappropriate places. This is not great for other workers or people living and working nearby. Water flush toilets for hire are the best ones to go for since they are the most hygienic. Portable toilet hire of this kind is cheaper than getting fined because you have not provided adequate facilities for your own staff and sub-contractors during the build.

Keep Residents Informed

Write to anyone who lives or works in the area and inform them of the projected timescale for the build. If you have invested in good quality facilities for workers, like portable toilets, then let residents know so that any concerns they might have are allayed. If a part of your build overruns, then notify the neighbours in the vicinity because it is lack of information that tends to be the cause of most friction rather than the construction work itself.

Be Innovative

If you always build in the same way, then you never know what you might do more considerately. Is there an industrial supplier to the construction industry you could turn to who makes less noise when carrying out their particular function, for example? Look at ways of speeding up processes as well as doing them with less disruption and less dust to lower the impact on the local environment. Share knowledge with other project managers and you may even same money as well as being more considerate.

Focus on Recycling

For many people, the construction industry is not great at promoting its green credentials and this is something the entire sector could get better at. Make a song and dance about your on-site recycling schemes and the amount of waste you prevent from going to landfill by good practice. If possible, you can get some great PR by inviting local schools and youth groups to your site to learn about your recycling practices.