Top Benefits Facility Managers Can Get From A Double-Holed Yard Broom

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Industrial yard brooms play a vital role in ensuring industrial facilities are clean and safe to work in. However, you can only get the best out of an industrial yard broom if you make the right purchase. Unfortunately, most facility managers do not make the right choices when buying an industrial yard broom because they focus on the basic characteristics. For instance, most facility managers consider handle length, bristle strength, and the broom's head quality. However, there is another feature that can go a long way in enhancing the performance of an industrial yard broom, and that is the double-holed broom head. Read on for insight into the benefits of a double-holed yard broom head. 

Even Wear, Longer Quality Service

All yard brooms wear off at some point, but what most people do not know is that you can control the rate of wear, especially on the bristles. See, most industrial yard brooms are designed to be used on only one side. It is because the handle is angled in one direction, and this makes it difficult to use the opposite side of the broom. However, you do not have to worry about the issue with a double-holed broom. The simple, yet ingenious design allows a cleaner to change the handle whenever they feel like they have used one side too much. Therefore, the bristles get a chance to wear evenly, thereby extending the service life of the broom.  

Change Sweeping Action Fast

When using an industrial yard broom, there are only two basic arm movements, pulling and pushing. Some instances, such as sweeping a huge pile of debris, require the pulling action, while others require the pushing motion. While changing your sweeping motion is relatively easy with a standard broom, you might have to change positions quite often. Over an extended period, this can become an inconvenience and even cause muscle soreness. However, if you use a double-holed yard broom, all you have to do is turn the broom around. You do not need to turn your body around to change from pulling to pushing action.  

Protecting the Broom's Head

It is common to hit the broom's head while sweeping. If that happens to the same spot frequently, the broom's head will wear out fast. For example, constant hits on the broom head lead to dents and fissures on the affected part. Eventually, the broom's head will fall apart, thereby rendering broom useless. A double-holed broom, on the other hand, reduces the number of hits on a specific part of the broom head. It is made possible by the fact that you can use different sides of the broom effectively whenever you are sweeping areas with high chances of knocking the broom's head against a surface.