7 Tips to Stop Your Bearings From Wearing Down Too Quickly

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When you run a farm or ranch, you need your tools to work properly, and that includes everything from the big motors in machinery to the small agricultural machinery bearings. To help you out, this guide explains how to keep your bearings in good shape. Keep these tips in mind to slow down how quickly your bearings wear down. 

1. Choose the right bearings

When you are buying new bearings for your agricultural machinery, make sure that you choose the bearings that have been designed for your machine. The wrong size or design of bearing will rub on the other parts of your machinery, causing the bearing to wear down faster. It will also not support your machine in the right way, potentially causing damage to your machinery.

2. Opt for long-lasting materials

If several different types of bearings can work with your machinery, try to choose the option that is made from the longest-lasting material. For example, you may want to choose stronger metals or bearings that have been coated with anti-corrosive materials if possible. 

3. Store bearings in a safe, weather-proof area

If you buy bearings to keep on hand in case of mechanical breakdown, make sure you store them in a safe spot. They should be shielded from the weather as well as from chemical sprays. Ideally, they should not be in an area that is excessively hot or cold either.

4. Install machinery bearings carefully

When you install bearings in your agricultural machinery, make sure you are following the manufacturer's instructions. Even though a bearing is a small part, it is a critical part and the wrong installation could cause the bearing to break down more quickly and could also compromise the functioning of your machine. 

5. Keep machinery balanced

Balance your machinery on a regular basis. Unbalanced machinery will wear on the bearings faster than balanced machinery.

6. Oil bearings and machinery as needed

Oil provides a coating between the bearing and the rest of the metal in your machine, and oiling helps to prevent the bearing from wearing down too quickly. 

7. Be proactive about replacing old bearings

Finally, keep an eye on your bearings. If you notice them wearing down, be proactive about replacing them. As a bearing starts to wear down, it doesn't provide all of the necessary support, and the machine may become unbalanced and start to wear down the other bearings faster than usual. This can create a cascade effect.